Admin Login Router How to Login Router?

How to log in Router, Cable modem, Network switch, or any other managed network device with default IP address Any Wireless router or cable modem that is configured with default IP address can access from a web browser using the default username and password. Although 192.168.o.38 IP address is an IP address from the network series to Although and is the most popular default Login IP address used by many leading brands as default login settings.

Login router with is quite simple as logging in with 192.168.0.I or any other IP address from the same series.  You may try to access the router, web server, or virtual box but get the error “connect to host port 22: connection refused in a virtual box” due to any misconfiguration or connection issue. If you are trying to access your already configured modem or router or first-time setup new router the login method is the same and you can follow this user guide to access your router.

To access IP address you need to connect either a wired or wireless connection from a computer, Laptop, or mobile device as supported by your router or modems.

Connection with the router to Access Web Interface

To login to any router, cable modem, VDSL/ADSL or wireless single band or dual band router you need a physical connection or wireless connection with the device.

If your router supports Wireless then use a WiFi connection or for a Cable modem without WIFI use a LAN cable from the Modem Ethernet port to the Desktop /Laptop LAN ports.

Follow the Steps to connect your modem with an internet cable and with a network switch, NVR/DVR, or with a Network printer.


  • Unbox the router/Modem or any other network device and connect it with a power Adapter.
  • For Broadband, routers use Internet cables coming from the ISP side to the WAN port.
  • For the DOCSIS cable modem connect the Coax cable to the Coax port.
  • Use LAN cables from Modem/Router LAN port to Desktop LAN Port.
  • If the router or modem supports WIFI then find the default WIFI SSID and Key printed to a sticker.
  • Connect from Laptop/Mobile or table using the default SSID and password for wireless connection.
  • Power ON the Modem/router from the DC adapter now and follow the next steps to access the device web interface.

Before proceeding to access the router or modem default settings are secured with a default username and password that is probably printed to the router sticker so you need to get a login credential to access the modem.

Default Username & Password for 192.168.O.30

Find the default login username and password printed on your device sticker or box. If you trying to login to an old router and are not sure admin login password for the modem or wireless router then try the below combination that most probably works with many brands of router.

Username Password
admin admin
admin password
cusadmin password
admin 12324
root root123

The above combination of username passwords is used by many leading brands routers such as DLink, Netgear, Xfinity, Spectrum, Arris, TP-Link, and many others brands.

Now follow the next steps to access the router web interface from a web browser.

Login from the Web browser

After physical or wireless connection now follows the steps to login into the router control panel where you can get all the settings to configure it the first time or update the wireless name and password as well as upgrade router firmware or make it factory reset.


  • Open web browser such as Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or any other.
  • Access to the URL bar and press enter button or go button to proceed.
  • The router login page will open and you will get username and password options.
  • Use the default username and password printed on your device sticker or try the above credential combination if you are not sure about login details.
  • After successful login to settings, you will get internet settings, Wireless settings, System, Management, Firewall as well as security features.
  • The first step is to configure WAN internet settings, Get WAN settings to detail from your Internet service provider as per your internet types such as PPPoE, STATIC, or dynamic type or if it’s a Docsis modem then also contact your service provider to get configuration details.

ftp 192 168 8888

After WAN configuration now change the Wireless SSID, and password to secure your internet.


Change Wireless SSID and Key

The router or modem is preconfigured with a default WIFI name and password and in some modems it unsecured configured so it must be configured before connecting to the internet. Follow the steps to change your wifi name and password.


Go to Wireless settings from menu.

Wireless- Basic Settings

Wireless Radio– Enable

SSID network name– Change the WIFI name here.

Wifi channel– Auto

Channel bandwidth– Auto

WiFi password– WPA/WPA2_PSK_AES

Passphrase- create a Wireless key here and keep it secure.

Save settings and connect your all mobile, laptop or other Wifi device with a new wifi name and password.


Apart from login and configuring the router if you facing any trouble or error while trying to access due ot any invalid IP address, or error “failed to connect to the database error message: cannot locate or connect to SQL server” or any other problem that can fix with few steps.


IP address Not Working – Fix

There are many reasons for the IP address not working and also it can fix by using a few troubleshooting steps.

The reason the login page not working with the default IP address is due to the wrong IP address, wrong connection, or any other network glitch that is subject to fixing first. Follow the steps to fix if the login IP address not working.


  • Make sure the Router, Cable modem, or web server you are trying to access is powered ON.
  • If you are using a Wired connection make sure you are using a LAN port from the router or modem to connect from the computer.
  • For web servers, FTP severs, smb servers or any other server make sure the port number and service are not blocked in firewall of your computer.
  • If you are using wifi connection for a wireless router make sure your mobile or pc is connected to the same router SSID that you wish to log in.
  • If getting error Invalid IP address error then make sure the default IP address printed to the sticker is the same one that you trying to access and it should not change with any other IP address before.
  • While accessing IP address use or  instead of some wrong IP address format smb://”, HTTP/,,,, http//,,],https // all the IP address and port number will be redirected to error.
  • If you forget your login password or the default login password not working then you can make the router factory reset to restore into default settings.



How to Factory Reset IP

Making a router factory reset using the reset button will erase all configurations configured for your modem and router and you need to configure it again. Follow the steps to factory reset the modem.


  • Turn on Router/Modem/FTTH ONT/DSL Modem with a DC adapter.
  • Find a small reset button beside the ethernet port. The location of the reset button might change for each brand and model number.
  • Use a needle or any stick to press the Reset button.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds and release it when the Power LED suddenly turns off and turn on again.
  • The device will restore to factory settings and the router reboot and it takes a few minutes to complete the reset process.
  • After the reset process completes just follow the above steps to access it and setup the router again so you can enjoy the internet again.




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